Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just read the title...that says it all, and really I have said that alot today.

I got a call about 11:30 today from Alla asking if both me and Tim could meet with her today, she had great news for us.

Tim was not home, so I preceded to attack poor Holly with my overly excited rambling and jumping up and down!

Tim finally got home (me and Holly washed all 3 dogs to keep me from blowing up!) and we took off to GR. Alla first told us that a region had accepted our paperwork. She then began to tell us about the area and we talked about getting a referral. At this point I was thinking we just met to share this news (which was good, but not what I had been hoping.) The town is named Tyumen if you want to google it! It is also where Alla grew up, so that was really cool.

She then said (after about 45min) lets take a break and talk about something else more exciting....She then showed us that we had indeed gotten a referral!

His name is Sergei, he is 15 months old and looks to be in very good health. His hair is dark blond (I know it doesn't look like it in the picture)

The only draw back was that we received only the one referral and we had been asking for 2 boys, but we are sending a letter to ask for more info on Sergei (medical and otherwise) and we have asked if there are any other boys under 4 years old available at this time.

We have decided that (unless something major comes up in the medical) that even if they can't find us another boy, we are going to take Sergei and go with just one for now :)

God has given us a great opportunity here, these events are unheard of...We got our paperwork done in 4 months and had a referral in less the 5 months after starting the process!

I really have no words for all the emotions I have gone through today, I will keep everyone up to date on any news and Thank you all so very much for your continued support and prayers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

just FYI

Not alot to write.
Just wanted everyone to know we got an e-mail from Alla today stating they are going to keep moving forward as usual with all the current Russian adoption hopefuls.
There is still some concern that there may be issues but as of now they are not changing anything.
I will let everyone know if any thing changes.
Please keep us and everyone else waiting in your prayers. Also keep the poor child who was sent back to Russia in your prayers as well.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

rainy days

So............ you think you've got it all done...right?
Well, You never really do I guess......

I had to spend most of my day today trying to get 2 (yes, just 2)apostilled marriage certificates from the state of Florida. You have to have them apostilled in the state in which they were applied for.

The web site(with phone #)....not too hard to find.

The person I talked to the first call....nice but talked way too fast concidering she was giving me all the info over the phone and I had to try to write it all down.

The second call..... just as nice and I found out that I was in need of ordering two new certificates and having the apostilled at the same time (because the 10 cert. I ordered a month ago are not good enough?).

The third and I am happy to point out, the final call... I found out I needed to send the Florida sec. of state $20 instead of $10. Plus the $39 for the apostilled cert. and that brings us to $59 for 2 pieces of paper folks!

Then I had to type a quick letter stating what I wanted done, who it was going to, where it was going and how many were needed....signed with name, address, and phone #'s. Plus a copy of my drivers licence (because someone else might want to pay the $59 to get this done for me???) and send it off.

Good news...... it's done, sent out this afternoon.
Better news.... it's not really needed until after our first trip to Russia, but you know me (done now is much better!)

We should be getting our immigration paperwork out next week, then we really have very little we can do until we get our greatest news yet!

Just an FYI, Alla e-mailed us and said our paperwork was sent out Friday of last week.....should be in Russia this week..... the count down begins!