Sunday, November 14, 2010

So you think you can handle a 2 year old...

I haven't sat down to write anything on here for a that I think about it I haven't sat down in a while...

Things around here are good. Different, but good. We have spent the last couple of months getting use to being parents, kid proofing the house, not sleeping much, dreading eating time, and learning something new everyday.

Landen is so smart (a little too smart for his own good sometimes). He loves his Dad (because he has him wrapped around both his little fingers). He loves his Aunt Holly (because..well, because she's Aunt Holly). He loves to throw his toys everywhere and drive his Dad nuts. He loves the attention he gets from all his family members and friends. He watches Hockey with Mom. He can say shoes, ball, dog well....and we are working on alot more words.

After a rough start with the Dogs, he is doing great. Lieut avoids him as best she can, Angel really couldn't care less, and Holstein is his best friend. They are so cute together.

Eating is still a fuss, we have a feeding therapist coming once a week to the house. She is helping but he makes life hard when it comes to eating. He is not really gaining any weight but he isn't waisting away

Other wise we are trying not to get o n each others nerves and looking forward to the Holidays and Landen's 2nd Birthday.

Thank you once again for you prayers.